Book of Nor

Long ago, the violent and destructive Norse Gods disappeared from Asgard, abandoning the 9 Realms forever.  They fled to a secret 10th Realm called Earth, where they took on human form and faded into mere myth. Because of their sacrifice, the 9 Realms lived in peace for millennia. But now, the universe is out of balance. The Tree of Eternity, Yggdrasil, is dying, and a madness is spreading across the 9 Realms, leaving chaos and death in its wake.

In the year 1920, two archaeologists discover a door way back to the 9 Realms. But little do they know, their arrival was foretold long ago. All across time others like them are being called back, each one a direct descendant of the Norse Gods. Scattered across the 9 realms, they must travel across Fiery Mountains, freezing wastelands, and even the halls of the dead so they may unite together and once again take their rightful place in Asgard.


What we did:

We provided the location, grip, equipment, set construction, and cost offsets.